Digital Immersion Lab (DIL)

DIL is the place to enable your individuals and teams for the digital work environment.

Disruption, hybrid work, antiquated leadership – what is your organisation’s story?

Constant disruption - the current work environment makes it even more critical for our leaders and employees alike to be able to provide security and support to unleash creativity.

They must have the emotional intelligence to create an environment fostering psychological safety. Where psychological agility can strive so that your people can be successfull in times of instability and uncertainty.

The future is now – are you ready?

The DIL hybrid Learning Journey offers flexible group and individualised learning. Future of Work competencies are dived into. In person workshops, on demand digital learning content, reflection, feedback loops and ongoing network exchange create sustainable learning.

- Hybrid learning – on demand learning content – peer to peer action - AI supporting tools -

Cutting edge research is driving our approach - The DIL Anchors

Leadership is the key driver during digital transformation. Focus is always on our 4 DIL anchors. The DIL Lab provides participants with a readily available learning space to continuously reflect, learn and exchange on their leadership and the 4 DIL Anchors


Management of Complexity

How to handle change and complexity? How to manage and steer critical interfaces in Hybrid Teams (or Holacracy set-up)?

Emotional Set-up

How to channel energy into the organization‘s teams to cope with uncertainties and diverging goals? How to create teams with high tolerance for frustration?

Mind-Set Change

How to keep focus during change? How to provide a clear sense of direction and meaningful work for the team overall? How to enable agility and self-organised teams?

Psychological Capability – Psycap

How can teams be resilient, self-efficient and optimistic in a sustainable way? Positive psychology identifies four key components we work with: self-efficacy, hope, resilience and optimism.

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